Honda Civic DX (1994)

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Condition: Used
Year: 1994
Make: Honda
Model: Civic
Drive Type: FWD
Engine: 1.5L Gas I4
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 153000
Fuel Type: gasoline

Plantsville, Connecticut, United States

Vehicle description

Please read ENTIRE POST before bidding/buying:CLASSIC CAR (25+ years) 1 Family-Owned since 1995, new tires & rims, new windshield. Main exhaust pipe was replaced in 2019, as well as water pump, timing belt, and CV Joints. Great gas mileage 35-45 MPG.Obviously needs TLC. Looking for the right owner who loves older Hondas, and will fix this car up for personal use. You can easily get another 350k miles out of it with the repairs it needs. It has been garaged since early 2021. Last January I took it to the local mechanic because the gas pedal started not responding correctly. There was a latency in time between when I pressed down on the gas pedal and when the car accelerated forward. The mechanic told me that the transmission belt was slipping, and that he did not know how to fix it and that I should take it to someone who knows how to fix the transmission belt. On my way driving it home, the car overheated and I found that all the antifreeze had leaked out. Took it back to the same mechanic, and he said that it needs a new head gasket. He told me I could drive it home, but I got it towed instead. Brand new battery, but since it has been garaged since January 2021, it needs a jump start to start up. It starts and runs (with jump) but needs antifreeze because it overheats & quickly burns through it. I would recommend towing the car. . MORE CAR HISTORY: This was my grandfather"s car, he bought it brand new in 1995, and he barely drove it- the car most of the time sat in his enclosed garage until he passed away in 2008. My mom ended up with the car, and drove it for a couple years until there was a faulty oil filter, or just lack of oil and the car overheated and blew a head gasket. She decided to fix the car since it was her dad"s car, and got the new head gasket & engine repaired like-new. My mom continued to drive it until I got my license in 2014 and she gave me the car. I did more minor repairs such as the aforementioned exhaust pipe & windshield. It was a great car for me for 7 years, very minimal repairs needed that didn"t cost much when it did to be repaired. . There were minor scratches and dents to the hood and passenger side fender from the 2011 tornado (tree debris), which is why they were replaced. There is absolutely no body-damage and I"ve confirmed this with every mechanic and body shop I"ve been to. Radiator was suspected of leaking back in 2014 and I replaced that as well. . There are about 4 small rust spots The only rust on the car is visible in the pictures here. I took pictures of the underneath too, so you can see it"s not rusted out. There are minor rust spots on the outside of the car, on the edge of the replacement fender. This car was garaged for most of it"s life, so the body & undercarriage is in great condition considering it"s 27 years old. Passed vehicle inspection in late 2019. New Horn, New Headlights. . If I knew more about cars and proper upkeep of old Hondas, I would still be driving this car today. It was always reliable, and it only ever broke down on me once, which was last year. The car still starts, runs and can drive, but wouldn"t want any more damage to happen to it which is why I strongly suggest you tow it to your home, or your preferred mechanic. You are welcome to bring jumper cables with you when you pick up the car to make sure it starts. . I have the CLEAN title and the car is currently at my family member"s house in Southington, Connecticut. I would love to see this car go to someone who seeks out and loves older Hondas, HOWEVER, with old Hondas becoming more difficult to find, I"m sure it is worth it"s weight in parts if you want to go that route.

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