Ram ProMaster (2020)

Sale price: US $45,000.00 Make an Offer

Condition: Used
Year: 2020
Make: Ram
Model: ProMaster
Transmission: Automatic
Drive Type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 8600
Fuel Type: Gasoline

Holland, Michigan, United States

Vehicle description

2020 Ram Promaster Partial Camper A Brief Description: Thank you for your interest in our camper van!
8600 Miles Owned outright with clean title Original owners
My wife and I purchased this 2020 Ram Promaster new in September of 2020. It was meant to be our Covid project (albeit a late one). Life became much busier with both of us getting new jobs and the project has fallen by the wayside. In the short amount of time we owned it, we enjoyed numerous camping trips, including an 8 day trip to Utah and back. It worked extremely well. Selling the van is a very bittersweet decision for us, as it serves as a functional vehicle outside of camping. To simplify the listing, I"ll try to bulletproof what"s included, as well as the good and the bad.
What IS included with the van:
2020 Ram Promaster 2500 Promaster in white [KBB $45,000 to $49,000] 600W of Solar Panels (Rich Solar) [$600] NOTE: While in Utah, the maximum output of the solar panels was 420W. This is to be expected as the advertised wattage is higher than real world conditions, plus they were dusty. But they"ve worked very well. Weatherguard Roof Rails [$225.00]
NOTE: The solar panels are attached to the roofrails, not drilled into or stuck on with VHB tape. BugWall Bug Screen (side door and rear door) [$900.00] Front Floor Mat [$70.00] Seat Swivels (x2) [$360.00] Maxxair Fan (x2) [$570.00] Window and Fan Covers from VanMade Gear [$720.00] Havelock Wool [$430.00] NOTE: The floor, ceiling, "forehead", and rear doors are already insulated. The leftover wool, which is enough to do the walls and slider door, is included. Winter Wheels and Tires [$1,530.00] NOTE: In the pictures, the black wheels on the van are the winter tires. The van will also include the stock wheels and tires, which have great tread life left and are ideal for highway travel during non-freezing weather. For those counting, this means you"ll have a total of 8 wheels and tires with the van. Rearview Camera / Dashcam [$130.00] NOTE: The rearview camera mounts over the (useless) rearview mirror. This is shown in the pictures. This also functions as a dashcam and records both front and back video at the same time . It"s a very high end unit and we are impressed with the quality. The wiring is hardwired through the ceiling to the rear door. No messy cables! IKEA Skorva Bed Rails (x3) + Bamboo Slats [$100] Custom Mattress by MattressInsider: 57" x 70" x 4.5" Thick [$550] Hardboard Floor Covers NOTE: We made the floor templates from hardboard. Rather than throw them away, we"ve held on to them (3 pieces) because tracing the floor was a huge hassle, and they also function as convenient covers if we ever wanted to haul things that could damage the floor.
What is NOT included with the van:
The only items that are shown in the pictures but are not included are the core offgrid electrical components (which is the large box under the bed). This means that we"ll be holding onto the 416AH of Lithium batteries and Victron charging components. If you"re interested in discussing these, we"d be open to negotiating the price on them.
The bad:
Interior Ceiling - This was experimental. During Covid, finding building supplies was pretty hard and expensive. The material we chose was flooring planks. Initially, it turned out fantastic - it looked great, was resistant, wasn"t too heavy, and was reasonably priced. However, over time, the seams have started to sag. It"s not noticeable in the pictures and could be fixed easily with additional framing (such as cabinets). Floor - There a few dime-sized tears in the vinyl due to a poorly designed electric cooler sinking screws into it, which we didn"t notice until halfway though our trip to Utah. It"s minimal, but it"s there. The tears are in the garage area, underneath the bed. Fan Covers - These are well made, but they forgot to include the magnets that go behind the fan shroud and we never ended up getting them. One of those small projects to address that just never ended up with a conclusion.
Rambling last thoughts:
Framing/Kilz - ALL framing in the van (walls, floor, ceiling) was painted with Killz moisture resistant primer. Additionally, ALL framing was rivnut to the van and Blue Loctite"d in place. This ensures a very strong bond between framing and van that won"t vibrate loose. Bed Platform - This was designed to be 100% removeable. We designed it to a height to fit our needs (clearance for folding kayaks and mountain bikes), but the holding brackets that set the height could very easily be moved down if it"s too tall for others. Subfloor - This is made with 3/4" Wax-Sealed plywood. It"s sitting on 3/4" risers. We did this so we could put Havelock wool in the floor to further insulate it. Window Covers - They are AMAZING. They work extremely well, are reversible (so you can switch from reflective side out or black side out), and the windshield cover has carbon fiber poles running through it that help maintain its shape (in other words, no sagging). Accessory Wiring - The wiring in the van (for the lights, fans, etc) was done with quality 14ga speaker cable. There are several runs throughout the van to different key areas that we figured we"d eventually need electrical service to. Electrical Panel - As shown in the pictures, this was meant to be temporary but you know how that goes. It"s functional but will definitely need to be rethought. Where you see it in the picture is the main run for all the cables. I left a lot of excess length to the runs, so there"s options for putting the panel where you want it.
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