Pontiac Vibe (2009)

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Condition: Used
Year: 2009
Make: Pontiac
Model: Vibe
Transmission: Automatic
Engine: 2.4 the large engine
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 128252

Mishawaka, Indiana, United States

Vehicle description

RECOMMENDED consumer reports suggest read the reviews below rated 4.7 out of 5 VIN 5Y2SP67019Z426253 $6,300- $7,525 Average Retail Price from consumer report - -Kelley Blue Book prices 5400 to 6100 just a suggestion do your own research I bought this car new. The Toyota Matrix and Pontiac Vibe are the same car except for trim and decals. It is just a reliable sensible car same as the Toyota Matrix ( same factory) based on the Toyota Corolla so it has the Toyota superb engineering and reliability Consumer reports in 2021 makes it a recommended car. It has been a second or third car for me . It has been basically stored in Florida unused for the last three years as due to age and Pandemic we have n o t left Indiana I restore antique cars and maintain them well. Oil a lw ays changed at 300 0 -3500 miles. I insisted GM install a new factory engine in it under warranty when the original one had a slight bearing tick at around 49,000 miles so it is a newer and the BIG engine. It is a VERY practical car . I like the sitting up higher and easy to use controls. Lots of st or age with the seat down The air-conditioner works great The interior is VERY clean I ordered it some would think strange with manual door locks and manual windows This is because as a Navy safety officer I saw folks die when their cars were submerged and the doors and windows shorted out trapping them. So, while reliable, and more safe, this is an inconvenience to some . This car has been in storage in Florida for 3 years I put a new battery in it. While in storage it developed the VSC light so the check engine light is on I have the y outube video on how to correct. ( I am in Indiana) This d o es NOT affect driving or function You can look up how to correct it on youtube here are 3 videos https:/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=tih1PECdOvk or it may be this real simple fix https:/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMXm5IVQW9A
https:/ www.youtube.com/watch?v=C19yAbjsKro The button to activate the cruise control is missing A complete new cruise control device which just bolts on with an electrical connector is $ 54 here https:/ www.partsgeek.com/catalog/2009/pontiac/vibe/body_electrical/cruise_control_switch.html Defects include on the drivers side, the bottom plastic strip along the underside of the car is missing Both front doors creak when opening but open and close fine. I just had a mechanic change the oil and repair the right rear brake line. As noted the engine VSC and trac lights are on I had an code scan done there is nothing else wrong in the codes From car and driver r “ You sit high and upright in the Vibe, as if in a minivan. The IP and the center stack are simple and ergonomically bang on. The large HVAC controls can be operated while you’re wearing gloves, and the Toyota-derived wiper and signal stalks move with silky precision. The rear seats are vast and roomy. Fold them flat and you’re rewarded with 49 cubic feet of cargo space, and the floor is finished in easy-to-wipe-down plastic. With minor cursing, we stowed a bike back there. Plus, the right-front seatback folds flat, creating even more valuable space. The Vibe is a practical and justifiable small wagon that will face the likes of the DodgeCaliber (whichit will trounce) and five-door Mazda 3 (which it might not). ” All the Vibe’s moves are admirable. None is spectacular. Result? Sensible shoes. FromMotorBiscut So why would anyone want a Pontiac Vibe? We like that the Vibe is basically a Toyota underneath all that Pontiac sheet metal. That’s right, GM shared the same assembly plant with Toyota once upon atime, and during that time, they created an American version of the Toyota Matrix. Accordingto Jalopnik, the Vibe “shared not just the same basic Corolla-based platform as the Toyota Matrix, but also the powertrains and the interior.”
This platform cross-sharing meant that the Vibe had some nice features like a 110-volt outlet, a spacious interior for passengers and their cargo, as well as an available all-wheel drivetrain. We like the Vibe because it existed at a time when manufacturers were cramming as much stuff into a practical car as possible in order to bring value. This was a time of Dodge Calibers and Suzuki Grand Vitaras. It’s a shame they didn’t last. When it was new, the Pontiac Vibe received good reviews. KelleyBlue Book praised the Vibe for its practicality and all-wheel-drive capability. While KBB’s consumer ratings have held strong throughout the years, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5. This car is stored at a relatives home in Lakeland Florida 33801 They will have a signed title from Indiana ( clean) and keys for pick up Also it is equipped with ONSTAR if you want it is not activated and Sirius radio not active if you want them It has a 110 outlet by the shift knob by the 12 volt outlet

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