1998 Mercedes-Benz SL-Class

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El Centro, California, United States

Vehicle description

Pano SOLD N/A Black Hard Top Instead
Up for sale my 1998 Mercedes Benz SL500 R129 with M119 engine and 722.6 transmission. Best year for this model and sporting the very rare and desirable panoramic top. I love this car and I have taken care of it to the best of my ability. It"s a joy to drive and has no mechanical issues. I"ve made sure the engine is extremely solid and has a lot of power. The transmission has also had extensive work done to make sure it keeps going for many more miles. It"s an amazing grand touring car, windy roads with the rear wheel traction are fun. AC and a great sound system are available in cabin. The ride is smooth thanks to new Bilstein suspension. Cosmetic issues are present as is typical with a car of this age. I am looking for someone that may continue enjoying the car and driving it as it was designed to do. Extensive details below please feel free to get in touch for additional clarification. Thank you for looking.
Sold with first right of refusal
189k no check engine lights, abs etc
No radio, panoramic top included but also available for sale separately.
Pros Bose audio system with speakers.
Sonnax Kit for valve body with new solenoids and new conductor plate and new outside connector plug with fresh tranmission fluid and new torque converter
Custom catback exhaust with vibrant resonator borla muffler and oval resonated powder coated tip.
High temp black calipers and powder coated gunmetal amg rims
Akebono pads and fresh brake fluid with good life on discs. Excellent stopping performance.
Timing chain, guides, metal cam oiler tubes and lifters replaced. Engine all sealed and not leaking oil. Runs very strong stays cool
Castrol 0w-40 European formula oil and exlusively premium gas. Copper spark plugs
Two keys and owners manual with several documentation plus other paperwork
Bilstein struts and shocks with original springs, many suspension components completely new control arms, ball joints, tie rods, mounts,
Clear side lights and new style grill, Rebadged with old style black emblem and removed model on trunk
Panoramic top and retractable cover (one side doesn"t retract)
Seat warmers (only passenger)
Wind deflector (small perforations) spare and tools included additional transmission dipstick added.
Upholstery fabric for seats and eurow wool seat cover included. Original mats
New battery with high cold cranking amps
Cold AC
All windows tinted at 15% lightly (including winshdhield)
Headlight wipers removed and filled ( included)
Engine bay rubber hoses replaced
All wheel bearings and retainers replaced.
No rust
CONS Seats need reupholster (fabric included ) driver side seat warmer not functional
Bumper in bad shape (cone in the middle of the road)
Windshield has two chips (fixed professionally)
No rear view mirror and some other brittle plastics like visor mirrors
Medium life on two tires
Clear coat bubble in two placed and 3-5 small dimples
No antenna installed ( antenna included )
State of top hydraulics uknown
Some rims may have minor curb rash
Shipping offered at $1/mile
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