Land Rover Range Rover (1987)

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Condition: Used
Year: 1987
Make: Land Rover
Model: Range Rover
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 59003

Peoria, Arizona, United States

Vehicle description

Full disclosure - This vehicle may score low due to a false input regarding mileage, Title is listed as "not actual" though the vehicle condition very clearly states otherwise as you are all about to witness for yourselves with your own eyes.
I have proudly owned this Classic for some time and I absolutely love it. I have owned every year Range Rover Classic from 1987 to 1995 and know these vehicles inside and out. The 87 I present here is a gem, you"ll note the mileage being 59,003 (just hit that this morning) sounds unreal for a 35 year old vehicle but as I continue with my listing you too will be convinced. Let"s begin with overall condition, which is impressive considering it"s age indeed, the vehicle does have a few quirks which is expected but make no mistake they are rather small compared to other years you may have seen which I will list below, but first I"d like to put the pro"s before the con"s due to there is much more good than bad. The body is easily a 9/10 with very few "dings", absolutely no deep dents or gouges, clearcoat fade is inevitable and present over most of the vehicle mostly due to our Desert climate (wasn"t stored in a garage it"s entire life), paint finish is all original in "Roman Bronze" with 5 paint-matched wheels with newer Hankook Dynapro HT tires. The undercarriage does not leak (I know what you"re thinking "yea right, if a Land Rover doesn"t leak it probably doesn"t have any fluids in it") and has what is best described as surface rust - only a discoloration will be noted but no holes or "rust" damage, the rear right passenger door base shows slight "bubbling" which is about the size of a small coin but nothing penetrating through on either side. The glass all around the vehicle is original Triplex glass which is absolutely flawless including the windshield, new wipers recently installed F&R. Mechanically a very sound vehicle, runs quietly with no vibrations or signs of distress - Transmission paired with the most sought after LT-230 transfer case with diff-lock, the 3.5L motor has had recent maintenance such as 8 upgraded fuel injectors, 8 spark plugs, cap/rotor, air filter, fluid change, fuel filter, and plug wires installed. As options go, these vehicles had a few to choose from, this one was fitted with the sunroof which does continue to operate which is not usually expected and is alone quite a rare sight, and also has the front brush guard and the rear rock guards included. The front lower skirt/bib that houses the fog lights is intact, another rare sight since these are usually the first thing to break being at the front of the vehicle. The interior only needed semi-refreshing, a new headliner was installed recently and a good cleaning is all she required, the center console is near perfect with no breaks (rare) even the original radio is intact ( not currently operating due to unknown reasons). Electronically things can go pretty bad pretty quick with the old Land Rovers, the only noted issues are - the tachometer will sometimes flicker where it will not operate but then will start again, the speedometer/odometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge operate normally. Windows at the front of the vehicle do roll up and down, rear windows sometimes "stick". Exterior lights, turn signals, brake lights, and F&R wipers operate as expected. There are very few interior blemishes which show in my detailed pictures, seats are 9/10 cars with high mileage show wear especially on the drivers seat, yes what you see IS the original driver seat which in my opinion shows the greatest proof next to it"s flawless original windshield and front spoiler of it"s 59,003 miles! Over time there are things that every car experiences, with this particular vehicle is the A/C and Heater are both completely in-tact but are currently inoperable, the heater core HAS NOT been bypassed (perhaps more proof in regards to it"s low mileage). Driver seat does adjust (slowly) at the switch, Passenger seat requires a new switch but is currently in a comfortable position, doors will lock electronically with the keys provided, no lock/ignition issues whatsoever. These early models didn"t have pesky ABS brakes or EAS suspension to fail which was great because those were very expensive repairs all of the newer ones had to go through, honestly when it comes to dependability the older ones were more superior not only for which I just mentioned but also because of the transfer cases, the Borg Warner in the new models also failed and were VERY expensive to repair and the LT-230 found here was pretty much bullet proof, This Range Rover Classic will not disappoint, I"d drive it anywhere. Please enjoy my uploaded pictures and feel free to ask questions.
For those of you still not convinced in regards to the mileage, consider this - title I have in hand states 52,248 "not actual" but I"ve provided clear pictures and full disclosure regarding the vehicle, I am sure that there was some kind of internal error with motor vehicle departments OR perhaps a temporary issue with the odometer functions when once registered by a previous owner but all signs point to this vehicle being true to it"s current miles. This title is "clean" no accidents, liens, salvage records, flood damage etc.
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