Datsun Z-Series (1973)

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Condition: Used Year: 1973
VIN : HLS30140648 Mileage: 2500
Make: Datsun Vehicle Title: Clean
Model: Z-Series

Prescott, Arizona, United States

Vehicle description

Up for sale is my 1973 Datsun 240z. It has been modified with an RB25DE motor from an R34 Nissan Skyline. The R34 RB motors were the last straight 6-cylinder motors manufactured by Nissan. I chose this motor in its naturally aspirated form to have the car retain an original feel and to replicate what Nissan did with the 432 model 240’s. With turbo cars it’s not easy to use the cars full potential on the street and you end up having to drive the car at 50% or less of its actual potential, with a naturally aspirated car you can run the car at 100% of it’s potential for extended periods of time which in turn makes naturally aspirated cars more fun to drive! This RB25DE motor with its current modifications is likely around the200hp mark and achieves 0-60 in around 6 seconds. The motor has an original feel to it still but with more power,better sound, and excellent reliability.
This Z was manufactured in December of 1972 and sold as a 1973.I purchased the Z in California, May of 2012 and have spent the last 9 years modifying and restoring it. I’ve saved every single receipt since 2012. My main focus was on driving performance and in turn have modified the suspension, brakes, drivetrain, cooling, wheels & tires Interior & exterior. I’ve included a full mod list in the photos section. The car drives amazing and favors a twisty back road. I specifically didn’t lower the car too much to prevent any rubbing when pushing it hard in the corners. My typical driving schedule was every other week taking it out to the local back roads for a shakedown or cruise around town and then back into the garage. The car can serve as an excellent cruising car as well.Overall,the car is in excellent mechanical condition and should require no attention in that area. Extra care was taken to replace motors sensors and other electrical components with new OEM parts to start fresh.
The cars body vin numbers and vin plates are all numbers matching. The paint is a nice gloss black with a slight gold flake mixed in. I believe the car was re-painted around 2005. The car was originally orange, and you can still find the original paint under the carpet. It never bothered me, but some might prefer to have all original color matching. There are some dents and dings on the driver side door, driver rear quarter panel, some hard to see ripples on the roof and some rock chips and other small blemishes throughout. These marks are hard to photograph with the black paint so I’m trying to be as transparent as possible here. The interior was refreshed with new door seals, hatch seal, new carpet, new leather shift boot, and many many other items, too many to list but have all receipts indicating everything replaced. Some issues that come to mind are the driver side door lock doesn’t like to lock from outside the car with the key, you need to have a passenger or yourself push the lock down from inside the car. The gas gauge only shows ¾ full when it’ actually full, I believe the float just needs to be adjusted. The HVAC and windshield wipers/motor were removed. Car was driven in nice weather only. There was an area of rust located on the driver side floorboard that was treated with POR15, no other rust has been observed anywhere. This was an original California car.
The sale with also include a complete intake manifold set-up from an RB26DETT which will allow you to have 6 individual throttle bodies for enhanced throttle response and engine sound. Included is an RB25 to RB26 intake manifold adapter plate from Otaku Garage in Australia. Also included is a Laptop with Nistune Software installed to allow you to monitor the engine and sensors operation as well as perform some mild tuning. Laptop also has the R34 Sykline Factory Service Manual.
Overall, the car is very nice and has a real menacing look,it gets a lot of attention anywhere you go and the deep rumble of the exhaust makes even high end performance cars not want to challenge you! Check out the photos and videos. If there’s anything specific you’d like to know or see please feel free to reach out.
Edit: I"m realizing looking at the listing on my phone the videos may not work and not all the photos are not poping up in the description. You should pull the listing up on a computer to view all the videos and pictures available. Last "buyer" flaked out and never contacted me. Please don"t buy unless your going to pay!. Thanks for looking!
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