Volkswagen Type lll squareback Type lll (1970)

Sale price: US $15,000.00 Make an Offer

Condition: Used
Year: 1970
Make: Volkswagen
Model: Type lll squareback
Transmission: 4 speed manual
Drive Type: Rear drive
Engine: 1.6
Vehicle Title: Clean
Mileage: 100
Fuel Type: Gasoline

Boise, Idaho, United States

Vehicle description

What you see is what you get with this one ! Let me start by saying I take pride in what I sell and I am as honest as you would expect me to be . I would never misrepresent or mislead anything I have to sell and I work hard to keep my feedback perfect ! What you see is what you get with me I take pride in my business! VEHICLE IS SOLD AS IS, AS SHOWN, WITH ALL DEFECTS BOTH KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, WITH NO GUARUNTEES OR WARRANTIES STATED OR IMPLIED Please Do Not Make Offers If you Are Not A Serious Buyer, Zero Feedback Buyers Please Message Us Prior To You Offer Or It Would Be Declined. VEHICLE RELEASE : Signed purchase packet which shall include but not limited to the purchase contract, cleared payment in full, and a copy of your driver"s license will be needed before the vehicle is released.
This one will only go up in value! This car drives and performs and the mechanics and electronics performs like a new car from 1970 it is the tightest vw from this vintage I have ever driven I don’t think there is another out there that performs the way this one does , It drives like a brand new car and is effortless! I guarantee if you hop in and drive this car you won’t want to get back out , it drives that nice , with a turn of the key she fires right up ! I would drive this thing across the country in a heartbeat! The engine is so clean you could eat off it ! If you have been waiting for the one , This is it . Keep in mind this is not a trailer queen show car , this is an everyday driver , it has chips nicks scrapes and cracks ,it is by no means a mint show car , so with that being said it is still a car that gets plenty of thumbs ups and gets 40 smiles per gallon 😊! If you have been looking for something you can just hop in and drive looking good going down the road that you don’t have to do any work to , this is for you ! It still even has a working heater ! I think the only thing that doesn’t work on this car is the horn and the A/M radio , which is I bet a simple fix . It even still has a working locking trunk lid and all the locks on the car and ignition work on one key ! I will post videos of it running from McCall to Boise Idaho , and a few other ones of me going around the car so you can get an idea of how nice this little gem is . If these follow the trend of the air cooled Porsche 911’s , these will be in the 50k range before you know it , something tells me that all air cooled vw vehicles are going to be in high demand ! In this kind of shape I think these are almost impossible to find and guaranteed it will never loose it’s value ! This thing pulled hills like they where nothing and I personally feel this motor has been completely gone through with added power , it drives that nice ! Please do watch my videos and if you are interested let me know your thoughts . Please be kind and if your interested let’s figure something out ! Thank you and have a great day ! Also if you are shipping the best way is once you pay for the vehicle you fill out the shipping quote on my page and you will start getting shipping bids from different companies . Some will be higher and some will be lower . I would say if a shipper is close by the time you fill out that page and has a spot ready on his truck you will pay around 1500 . Hope This helps and have a great day VW Squareback 3 Video will open in a new window
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