Cadillac DeVille (1959)

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Condition: Used Year: 1959
VIN : 59J109955 Mileage: 39048
Number of Cylinders: 8 Make: Cadillac
Transmission: Automatic Model: DeVille
Body Type: Coupe Vehicle Title: Clear
Exterior Color: Blue Fuel Type: Gasoline
Interior Color: Blue For Sale By: Private Seller

Vermilion, Ohio, United States

Vehicle description

The Icon of American Car Design. 1959 Cadillac Coup De Ville . Georgian Blue with White Hard Top (By FAR the Hottest color of the 1959 Cadillacs) Car Collector"s Dream!
Everything is factory original (except spark plugs / tires)
matching (Engine, Chassis, and Door Tag) classic is an icon of 50"s
EXTREMELY RARE. This is NOT re-built or re-conditioned. You can find a restored anything any day but to find all original in this condition is impossible. Original Owner, William Horak, bought this car off the showroom floor in 1959 and has kept it in mint condition ever since. Only 39k miles driven by only 1 Person. One of a kind find. Legendary Cleveland Vehicle from a Cleveland Legend. About Original Owner:
Cleveland Legend, William Horak, Pub Manager 40+ years (1930-1974)
Moriarty"s Pubs. 1912 E 6th St, Cleveland, OH 44114 William bought this beautiful custom ordered car from Central Cadillac - Cleveland, Ohio in 1959 for 4k in cash. The car spent it"s entire life being pampered, babied in either William"s garage or pulled into the driveway for delicate ritualistic wash and high-grade hand wax using nothing but the best collinite wax. William always took pride, with a huge smile to remind people how smooth the entire surface of the car was, Smoooth. like glass, haha? The 39k miles William drove on this 59 caddy were some of his happiest and proudest moments of his entire life. Now the car deserves an owner who can carry on this tradition and continue to preserve this extremely rare American Icon. William, also known as Bill, was a very unique individual in Cleveland, Ohio"s history during the era of the 1959 caddy. As the pub"s head for a multiple of decades span, William"s history goes deep within the downtown city of Cleveland. The location of this Pub was frequented by the cities affluent, his clientele where politicians and attorneys. He told many stories of running numbers and having to be their booky until eventually too many of the local police officers caught wind and demanded payoffs. He survived several attempted robberies by being one step ahead of his competition and hiding the pub"s cash in unique places a robber would never find. One of Bill"s friends he always talked highly of was one of the biggest enviers of his 59 caddy. Cleveland"s own, the infamous Danny Green. The winner of this car will receive a copy of the movie about Bill"s friend, Danny Green. This movie will give the new owner a glimpse into where the politics had gone during the end of Bill"s downtown Cleveland career. To Kill An Irishman - MOVIE https:/ The car was purchased from Bill"s estate upon his passing by the only other owner of the car, his grandson me. The current owner. 21,924 Total Production Number of Car UPDATE: Video of Starting car for first time in few years on October 21, 2017. Just needed to buy a brand new battery. https:/ ANSWERS TO COMMON QUESTIONS ASKED * Original Factory Paint.*
-Body has never been repainted.
-mileage has not flipped, is legit 39,048k.
-Motor tags match body and VIN
-All Power stuff works flawlessly. . Seats, Windows, trunk, retractable radio antennae.
*Buyer pays for shipping. UPDATE: May 17, 2019 3:44AM Car was SOLD on: Ended: Apr 28, 2019 , 6:24PM. The Buyer asked for 3 weeks to come pick up and pay in full. (May 18, 2019) Reluctantly I agreed to those terms with the condition that the deposit was not refundable. Well, 2 days before suppose to pick up, he texts back and says he can"t buy the car because he has to pay for his fathers medical bills. So, it"s back up for grabs again. Originally listed for 80k -120k. Now priced to sell fast! Below is my original profile. Been Ebay user since 2005. Had to setup this account to get free listings for the Cadillac. https:/ UPDATE: This is last listing this year. Keeping car for a few more years if doesn"t sell this time around. You will NEVER see it priced lower than this. EVER. for those waiting. . Grab while its HOT! Good Luck!
UPDATE: 5am June 4, 2019 Last summer, July 2018. A real estate developer from Los Angeles paid a professional car inspector $400 to check this car out and issue a report. He took over 400 photos, checked to see if everything worked, checked the VIN and tags, paperwork, measured every square inch of the paint with a digital tool and wrote a report. The developer then offered 56k in cash to take the title and car so he could drive a 59 Cadillac to his office in LA every day. I declined the offer then he bought different one. I declined the offer mostly because he straight told me he was buying the car to drive everyday to his office and I felt this car deserves someone who will continue to preserve it, even at a higher level then myself. I even told him that he should just buy a cheaper restored one for that purpose. This and the continued year of holding on to it and preserving its value by not driving it around should be a nice starting guide. Also note that this car was actually sold on April 28, 2019 for 56k also. See above reference to that. For anyone who is truly interested in leveraging a successful offer. Start there for reference.
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